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God’s Own Travel Agency (GOTA),

formerly known as Aviation Aisle Travel and Tours has carved out a niche for itself over the years for providing speedy and efficient

aviation products and services to meet the needs of our numerous customers.


God's Own Travel Agency is endowed with highly skilled workforce with international training in Aviation studies. They possess the industry's professional top of the line diploma and advanced diploma in Air Transport, with reasonable years of experience in aviation business.

Each Team Member offers decisive expertise with astute dedication to deliver quality and flexible aviation services/products.

We are truly committed to not only meeting your aviation needs, but to always exceed your highest expectations. ANYTIME

Our Service

God's own travel agency is in the business of providing:

  • Round the clock e-ticketing services ;
  • Tour packages in the most exciting tourism sites of the world ;
  • Airline transportation and solutions ;
  • Multi-national carrier choices from Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, and beyond ;
  • Assists qualified clients in obtaining some country visas ;
  • Hotel reservation with reasonable discounts because of our partners/affiliations with some international hotels ;
  • Assist in obtaining great rewarding housing investments plan in lucrative cities of the world. This is in collaboration with the TFG in Dubai ;
  • Our well trained international protocol officers are always ;
  • available to pick and drop off foreign passengers travelling in and out of Lagos airport, while our transport partners Emperor/ABC handles our Accra passengers ;
  • Our Airline Carriers are British Airways, America Airlines, Emirate Airlines, Delta Airlines, Air France, Qatar Airlines, KLM, Lufthansa, Air Maroc, Trans Air Benin, etc.

Our destinations

Our Partners


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